Lead Generation Through B2B Content Marketing

Lead generation is the new buzz word in marketing and sales. It is about gaining the attention, interest, agreement and even loyalty of customers to help grow your sales. To help you get the most out of lead generation, there are a variety of methods that you can use. These include creating an interactive quiz or tool, offering a free product, sharing a useful spreadsheet or report, or using social media to share success stories.

Lead generation

Create an interactive quiz or tool. What can your company do to increase your knowledge and brand recognition? You can create a useful spreadsheet or tool that allows customers to take a short survey that asks questions about your company, or how they experience using your products and services. This will help your company gain insight into what works best and how they can benefit from your marketing strategies.

Share a useful spreadsheet or report. Today, people want instant gratification and a way to collect their own valuable information. Social media provides this opportunity by making it easy for people to share useful data with their friends. In this instance, you would not send out a marketing email to people who have opted-in to receive company news or information but would rather encourage them to “like” your Facebook page or Twitter post so that they may pass along your latest findings.

Leverage the SEO power of customer reviews. Show what’s working for your company. Share what you’ve found with your audience through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re looking for a great lead generation strategy, ask your audience to share the helpfulness or benefits that they’ve experienced when using a certain service or product. Encourage audience members to use these recommendations when selecting the next provider for their business.

B2B content marketing will help generate leads and keep customers engaged. This type of marketing requires engaging customers in conversation. Create content that helps them understand your product or service while also providing them with a sense of what it means to be a part of a community. You may send out an email to your audience on a regular basis or send them a short promotional tweet that offers them something for free as a way to encourage them to use your services in the future.

An interactive tool makes it easy for customers to engage with your content. With a marketing campaign built around a quiz, you can create an engaging experience where customers enter their answers and receive instant feedback. This encourages them to provide input which increases the odds that they will give you useful feedback. If you use the information you garner from the quiz, you may even discover a new customer or two!